Firebox M200

Watch guard Firebox M200 for SMBs

Viruses and data-thieving have become a major threat to businesses, and many corporate figures have bared major loss in their professional domains due to these issues. The IT sector is trying its level best to cope up with such problem through strict surveillance and by digitally designing a control over data transferring and usage.

Somehow companies have smartly managed to secure their data, but viruses and unlawful activities somehow play a role in damaging the work environment. Last year seven popular companies from different sectors around the world went through major issues due to data-thieving whereas, viruses attacked uncountable websites, company servers, and digital clouds.

Another major security threat to digital business or digital sector of any physical business line is of hacking. From FBI to police, media to production houses, multinational to local business, all have experienced security issues linked to hacking.

The network support of a website, company or business line, is always on the go to combat with these issues. For multinationals or mega businesses, there are several data-security management options available in the market, and many individual companies work to provide data security to big companies. But what about the small businesses who can`t afford such major options and their per-year earning is limited that they can’t hire other companies to handle data security affairs?

To cater SMBs data security issues, Catos Systems offers Watch guard Firebox M200 is an affordable and effective solution as it keeps an eye on bandwidth and authentication of people using or connecting with the server or cloud. Watch guard Firebox M200 offers a complete set of configuration and management along with a gateway in between local networks and the internet connections.

The security protocols are under the hold of IT network officials which can be set by connecting to the policy management center. In this way, a maximum control over the security affairs along with flexible configuration alternatives to manage logs and traffic. Watch guard Firebox M200 Dealers can provide systems of easy payment options and even for monthly payment packages to small or medium-sized businesses.

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