Firebox M570

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For Watch Guard, network visibility is paramount, and they offer leading-edge solutions that allow customers to detect dangerous activities before they become significant issues. Watch Guard Firebox M570 lets you track essential network activities through real-time interactive monitoring, so you can identify and take the necessary corrective action immediately. All the logging and reporting features are here to promote regular events, as well as more than 100 predefined reports and dashboards added, include PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Easy Distribution On Board

Distributed companies will particularly appreciate the intuitive tools that define and manage security policies and enforce them across all sites. With WatchGuard’s Rapid Deploy contact less feature, you do not have to send your network administrators on site to configure remote devices. Rapid Deploy saves your resources and saves time on initial configuration and deployment since staff only have to ship the terminals to remote locations and let them download the configuration templates automatically.

Complete Security

To protect against spyware, viruses, malicious apps, data leaks, botnets, and other threats; each network needs a complete arsenal of scan engines. WatchGuard Firebox M570 offers award-winning network security platform not only delivers the most comprehensive suite of unified security controls on the market today. Take advantage of this security device which is also the first to offer solutions that address network, new and emerging threats, constant evolution, including advanced malware and ransomware.

The new Firebox M series represents the increased performance of approximately 300% over competitive products. All new enclosures (except the M370) have an expansion slot to add additional ports. 4x10Gb fiber, 8x1Gb copper or 8x1Gb fiber network modules are also available. Now you can buy Watch Guard Firebox M570 from trusted Watch Guard Firebox M570 dealers.

Main characteristics:

Greatly Improved Performance
Better flexibility with Increased Port Density
Total Protection
Security Device with 3 Years of

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