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Cato’s Systems & Support is an Information Technology, a leader in advanced network security solutions, announces significant hardware enhancements to its Firebox M Series family of security enclosures to address the rapid proliferation of encrypted web traffic, and provide greater flexibility configuration. With new Watch Guard Firebox M670 enclosures, users can now add additional network modules to increase the number of copper or fiber ports available to support the growing use of 10 Gigabit fiber connections in data centers of large enterprises average.

The new M Series Fireboxes also allow users to inspect encrypted traffic with the highest levels of performance on the market with all security services enabled. The new and advanced Watch Guard Firebox M670 masters the proliferation of encrypted web traffic by delivering the highest level of performance and security. Best of all, TDR is included in the Watch Guard Total Security Suite, providing a complete set of security services via a single platform.

The Watch Guard Firebox M670 offers advanced network security, including web filtering, application control, intrusion prevention, antivirus and more. Ideal for small businesses, teleworkers, and retail outlets, it can be used as a stand-alone solution or centrally managed from the company’s headquarters.

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Watch Guard Firebox M670 security service, Threat Detection and Response (TDR), correlates network and desktop security events and threat analysis to detect and prioritize software attacks and thus allows immediate action to be taken to block them. The easy-to-use management console allows administrators to quickly configure Firebox appliances for remote sites so businesses can provide the same level of protection at all levels. Watch Guard Firebox M670 offers real-time visibility into events and network security, is included at no additional cost. Buy Watch Guard Firebox M670 to enjoy state-of-the-art network security from the best Watch Guard Firebox M670 dealers in town.

Four main components:

The Threat Sync correlation and scoring engine.
Intelligence on business class threats.
A light agent (Host Sensor) to ensure visibility on the workstations.
Extra protection against ransomware via our Host Ransomware Prevention module.

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