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We provide you the best in-class security appliance, …… Watchguard!
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Network Security

Award-winning, enterprise-grade protection for SMBs and distributed enterprises in one cost-effective, centrally managed solution.

  • Setup policies filtering incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Filter virus, adware, malware, spam blocking, intrusion etc. All at the parameter of your network.
  • Block, limit, and manage access to unauthorized sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Provide layered security
  • Small and mid-size businesses with enterprise level protection!
  • Better manage access to approved content per policies allowing maximum productivity. Websites deemed as non-essential are restricted, and enact policies based on different departments needing access.
  • Secure Wi-Fi
    WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi solutions provide the strongest protection from malicious attacks and rogue Aps using patented technology.
  • With Watchguard logging, we’re able to conduct a full assessment of your network identifying red flags. Example
  • Unrestricted social media applications, online games and content streaming by internal staff consuming your network bandwideth.
  • Polices that block access to pornography, torrent sites, and unauthorized downloads.
  • Heres a link to an example of network visibility, which would be great on the website
  • Actionable Visibility
    WatchGuard Dimension brings big-data visibility to network security for quick preventive or corrective action against threats. Inquire, will provide you a live demo.
  • Cloud-Ready Access Points – Simple and scalable Wi-Fi for business of all sizes that delivers the best combination of security, performance, and manageability on the market. AP120 and AP320’s.

Best in class Firewalls

Take a peek in here to see RED! It means, when data comes to your network door your red firewall is a stop sign that says stop if it doesn’t recognize you, so the data must have permission to come in!

We put security between you and the internet! Click here to see why! A WatchGuard security appliance gives you a peace of mind.

WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive portfolio of security services, from traditional intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, application control, spam prevention, and URL filtering, to more advanced services for protecting against evolving malware, ransomware, and data breaches. Each security service is delivered as an integrated solution within an easy-to-manage and cost-effective Firebox appliance. Click here for more.

Don't Be the Next Victim of Ransomware

Ransomware is an increasingly common method of attack for hackers against individuals, SMBs and enterprises alike. While the first incidents of ransomware were discovered as early as 2005, the last three years have seen this type of threat explode in popularity and compromise millions of computers and mobile devices around the world*.

Unsure of what you need? The “T Series is Built for the Small & Midsize Business

Protect Where You Connect

With today's remote offices and distributed workforce, the concept of a distinct corporate network perimeter has all but disappeared. A security solution that can be seamlessly deployed everywhere that your network connects is now essential for securing modern organizations.

Perfect as a stand-alone solution for a small or home office, the Firebox T10 is also ideal for larger organizations that want to extend easy-to-use, full UTM protection for remote workers and smaller sites. With WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite, the Firebox T10 is a cost-effective security powerhouse that delivers nearly every feature present in WatchGuard’s higher end UTM appliances, including all security capabilities such as ransomware protection and data loss prevention.

Compare Firebox T10 with our two closest models in performance, ports, VPN tunnels and more

Ideal For

User Count






1 Gig Ports

PoE Ports


Small to Midsize Business


400 Mbps

120 Mbps

160 Mbps

90 Mbps

100 Mbps




Midsize Business and
Distributed Enterprise


620 Mbps

180 Mbps

240 Mbps

135 Mbps

150 Mbps




Midsize Business and
Distributed Enterprise


1.2 Gbps

235 Mbps

410 Mbps

165 Mbps

270 Mbps




For sites with over 50 employees


4 Gbps

1.2 Mbps

1.5 Mbps

1.1 Mbps

740 Mbps




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